Framebridge X Ashley Adams

Black Artists Print Shop: Meet Ashley Adams

What does celebrating Black art mean to you?

I love that question. Celebrating Black art means that we are seen in the higher art sphere. Representation matters. So viewing a Black figure on a canvas and having a younger person see that allows them to view themselves in a different light than they may have seen themselves out in the world or in the media. 

So painting, design, art, anything that shows and celebrates Black people and Black figures—it’s all really important to have in the art sphere.

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About the Black Artists Print ShopThe Black Artists Print Shop is part of our ongoing work to help advance racial equity within our communities. We aim to create spaces for Black artists—places where you can find their work, hear their stories, and support their businesses. Our fourth collection’s theme is celebrating Black art. To do so, we’re elevating ten distinct voices by highlighting the artists’ answers to the question: “What does celebrating Black art mean to you?” Their answers represent a breadth of opinions on what Black art is, how we can support it, and the importance of representation.

 "Embrace" and "Be Still"