Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams is a Black Latina woman fine artist and entrepreneur, a SoCal native inspired by nature and her own identity. The colors in her work are informed by her signature "Hues of Me" skin tone color palette. Her work is rooted in her experience of being a woman of color and parallels her existence in society–always seen in fragments, never whole.

Her ultimate dream is to inspire the youth and empower those who think they cannot pursue an artist career and journey.


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What i've been up to

Over the past two years, I've had the opportunity to showcase my work with these amazing brands.


custom painting


Inspired by a mother's love for her daughter.

30 x 16 inches | Acrylic and oils on canvas

custom painting


My latest commission painting for Stay Sweet Sugar Studio. This piece reminds her clients that they are beautiful and capable and that being their whole selves is powerful.

36 x 36 inches | Acrylic and 24k gold leaf on canvas

custom painting


To our fallen loved ones and those led by Him. Based on Psalm 8.

24 x 30 inches | Acrylic and 24k gold leaf on canvas

custom painting

The Touch

It's the split-second feeling when you first kiss that special person. The kiss that turns you to life.

12 x 12 inches | Oil on canvas 

custom painting

aspire to inspire

She allows her students to bloom because she is guided by her ancestors.

36 x 24 inches | Oil on canvas

custom painting

the birth of venus

That's her...a goddess, a queen, a legacy.

48 x 24 inches | Acrylic on canvas

custom painting

the dapper rebel

A young Basquiat is depicted in New Orleans.

36 x 48 inches | Oils with gold leaf foil and acrylic metallic gold accents on canvas

Mamba Mentality Forever ∞

I am forever grateful to Kobe, who inspired me at such a young age to work obsessively toward my dreams.

"Kobe, eres una gran inspiración en mi vida."